Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

Εμφυτεύματα Δοντιών Γλυφάδα

Dental Crowns

θήκη δοντιού πορσελάνης ολοκεραμικές γλυφάδα


οδοντοστοιχία (Μασέλα) γλυφάδα

Dental Bridge

Γέφυρα δοντιών Γλυφάδα

Restorative Dentistry is the complete management of denture damage and its restoration at a functional and aesthetic level.

The need for restoration arises both from caries and teeth injuries such as breakage or cracking.

Caries is one of the biggest enemy of your teeth and is caused due to the acid production of oral microbes during chewing.


Thus, erosion occurs in the dental tissues. However, with restorative intervention, the spread of tooth decay stops.

Our goal is to intervene in time before the erosion spreads and destroys a large part of the outside and inside of the tooth.

The restoration is achieved with white fillings which on the one hand repairs the damage of the dental tissue and on the other hand ensures the high aesthetics of your teeth and your smile.

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