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Health4u magazine published another article of mine.

By Maria Lalousi | 9th February 2021

Many thanks to the health magazine “Health4u” for acknowledging my efforts, and once again publishing my article. You can read the article here.

Health4u Published My Article

By Maria Lalousi | 9th February 2021

So appreciated that the health magazine “Health4u” has published my article on “Pregnancy & Oral Health” !!! You can read it here.

Wisdom Teeth: Are These Molars Really needed?

By Maria Lalousi | 17th December 2019

When we are born, there are no teeth visible in our mouths.As we develop, our teeth start growing or erupting around six months of age,central incisors, the two bottom front teeth emerge first, followed shortly by the upper front teeth. Last to Show The molars are last, the first molar around age 13 to 19

Pregnancy and Oral Health

By Maria Lalousi | 29th October 2019

It might not be something that an expecting mother considers as part of looking after their health and wellbeing during pregnancy but oral health is highly-important to maintain. Hormonal changes during pregnancy not only affect your body physiologically and physically but they also affect your oral health. Your teeth, gums and mouth are additionally impacted.

Smoking & Oral Health

By Maria Lalousi | 29th October 2019

When you think of smoking and oral health, you probably first think of yellowed teeth and bad breath. These two aspects are common occurrences for people who smoke especially regular smokers on a daily basis and for a prolonged length of time. Yet, further to the common stained teeth and bad breath, there are other