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Pregnancy and Oral Health

By Maria Lalousi | 29th October 2019

It might not be something that an expecting mother considers as part of looking after their health and wellbeing during pregnancy but oral health is highly-important to maintain. Hormonal changes during pregnancy not only affect your body physiologically and physically but they also affect your oral health. Your teeth, gums and mouth are additionally impacted.

Smoking & Oral Health

By Maria Lalousi | 29th October 2019

When you think of smoking and oral health, you probably first think of yellowed teeth and bad breath. These two aspects are common occurrences for people who smoke especially regular smokers on a daily basis and for a prolonged length of time. Yet, further to the common stained teeth and bad breath, there are other

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About Me

With an exceptional talent for creating beautiful, unique smiles, I commit myself to using state of the art materials and the very best techniques. My friendly, gentle manner has made me popular with patients, especially those who suffer from dental phobia. I always take time to explain all treatment options available to patients to ensure that they are fully informed regarding their treatment before they make a decision. I endeavour to provide pain-free, comfortable treatment in a relaxed and friendly manner.

My Goals

My goals is to provide you with a healthy, confident smile and a pleasant and stress free dental experience. With a dedication to dentistry, of the highest standard, I am proud of being able to provide a full range of quality dental treatments to my patients, specializing in dental implant, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, smile design, oral health, invisalign and emergencies as well as anti-aging facial treatments in a modern and friendly environment.

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