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Testimonials - Οδοντίατρος Γλυφάδα Μαρία Λάλουση

What our clients say

'' I have been Maria Lalousi’s patient since 2011, and there was nothing she could not do for me.

Maria is always there to take care of me, cure me, and make me feel better, also in extreme circumstances, like when I was pregnant and I broke a tooth just days before the delivery. She promptly fixed it and I have never had any problems with it again.

I would say that Maria is extremely professional, discreet and human, and mostly importantly, she is approachable and reliable.

Over the years, I recommended Maria to all my friends, and they all showed me gratitude. It is not a mystery how difficult it is to find a good dentist, someone who takes care of their patients and know how to envisage and regularly plan ahead.

Maria has all these qualities and I am very happy that she is now also my husband’s and daughter’s dentist.

Thank you. ''

Ilaria Mallozzi


'' I would like to offer this quick testimonial in order to recognise the excellent work performed by my dentist Maria Lalousi.

She has been involved in my dental care for almost 20 years now and through her tireless efforts has turned what was an almost hopeless dental situation to a healthy and pretty set of teeth.

She has always been professional and happy to explain the details of what she was doing and why, while at the same time demonstrating deep knowledge of all aspects of the process.

Speaking as a very long term customer, I can say that the work she has performed, has been the single biggest hygiene factor for my mouth. ''

Nikolas Afordakos


'' Dr Maria Lalousi has been my dentist for the past 6 years. I initially went for teeth whitening. Dr Lalousi made sure my teeth were in perfect condition before we went ahead with the treatment.

Also I had a root canal on one of my front teeth which meant it was darker than the rest. Previous dentists recommended the only way to whiten it was to make a crown. Dr Lalousi suggested I should first try with the whitening method and indeed it worked on that tooth too, saving me money and the hardship of having a crown.

Maria is a trustworthy and very experienced dentist providing a professional and excellent service. I would recommend her without any hesitation.

My smile is at its best since she has become my dentist! ''

Glykeria Gkougkoudi


'' I have been Maria’s patient for almost 5 years visiting for cleaning and other dental issues which were always dealt with efficiency.

Dr Maria Lalousi is a very caring, informative and thorough dentist who excels in reassuring her patients and gives helpful advice explaining what she is doing every step of the way and also recommending most appropriate ways to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

I can't recommend Maria highly enough ''

Zeta Anagnostou


'' It’s a pleasure writing about Dr Maria Lalousi who has been my dentist for the last 6 years.

Maria is a very caring, trustworthy and approachable dentist with love to what she does. Every time I visit her, I am treated with the utmost care, professionalism and attention to detail for a treatment that would normally be far from pleasant. There has always been a clear understanding of everything that is taking place which it was very reassuring.

I feel that I am in very safe and attentive hands and also very fortunate to have Maria as my dentist. ''

Loukas T


'' I have been going to Orchid Dental Care for many years and Dr Maria Lalousi has been my dentist. I asked Maria about Invisalign and she explained the treatment to me and what was involved. So we went ahead with it.  The whole treatment took about 18 months, through the whole treatment none noticed that I had them in. Now my teeth look fantastic. Through the whole treatment Maria looked after me.

I have been to a lot of dentists before but this dentist is by far the best dentist that I have ever been to. I would recommend the practice to everyone and especially Dr Maria Lalousi who is great. I would like to say thank you so much Maria and all the staff involved. ''


'' Many years ago I had an accident and my two front teeth were broken. I visited a lot of dentists in order to fix them but I wasn't happy with the result.

A friend of mine recommended Miss Lalousi. She treated me in the most professional yet friendly and assuring way I had ever encountered. Finally after all these years, I can smile again all thanks to her.

Dr Maria Lalousi is a dentist that is distinguished by her professionalism and her scientific expertise.

Maria keep going!!! ''

Paulina Tzounara


'' When I visited London I had a toothache and a friend of mine recommended Maria to me. I had the best experience in my life. I have to admit that I am scared of dentists but Maria put me at ease. She was gentle and polite and she explained in details all the process.

I totally recommend Maria !!! ''

Alexandra Vlachou



'' Fantastic service and friendly staff! Exceeded my expectations with in terms of the facility. Dr Lalousi is a true professional!!! ''

Divine B


'' Professional, excellent and quick service. By far the best dentist that I have ever been.

Totally recommend Maria!!! ''

Alex A


'' I was extremely impressed with Maria I am so petrified of dentists but she was so gentle - I’ve had a fair few bad experiences.
I would highly recommend Maria to everyone!!!
I have even told all my family and friends about her and her professionalism!!! ''

Christy Goulding


'' Excellent work. My teeth are cleaner than ever, with 0 pain involved. From now on Maria will be my personal dentist!

Very satisfied, I would absolutely recommend her services! ''

Panos Lykos